Nicole's Tribute

We all know what a special person Ron was.  Now I would like to tell you why I love Ron so much. 
Ron loved our daughter Cora with all his heart and was very proud of her. 
The ironic part of this tragedy is Ron died doing what he loved most, caring for our daughter, Cora.  Let me take you back a little while ago when we were expecting the birth of Cora.  I was given the option of getting a test for birth defects.  When I consulted with Ron about the test, Ron did not hesitate with his answer.  Ron said there would be no need for a test, no matter how the baby was born, he would love the baby with all his heart.
That leads me to my next thought.  Just two days ago when we were in the cemetary, we found the perfect place for Ron, which was between the patron Saint of Animals and a designated area for several tiny baby graves.  How appropriate for Ron.  He loved animals and he loved his baby Cora.

As most of you know, I recently resigned from the Delaware State Police.  The reason I resigned was to stay home and to care for our daughter Cora.  Ron was so fearful for my safety as a Trooper.  He wanted to insure that I was always safe and always there to care for our daughter Cora.  Ron loved Cora and me more than anything in the world.  Like Ron would have wished, God took him and spared Cora and I.

As you may already know, I love and honor Ron.  I am going to make Ron proud by being the best mother possible to our daughter Cora.

                                                                                             Mrs. Nicole Williams