"Going Home"  

Going home, going home, my time has come
going home, going home, back to where I'm from
Though I leave I do not go with a heavy heart
For my love for all of you is never very far

A piece of me I have left with you so precious and sweet
 take care of her and let her know that someday we too shall meet
If you cry, please understand it is only for a while
The distance that parts us now is bridged by but a smile

My life above is greater than my life on earth could have been
So miss me now and realize that it's paradise I am in
Someday you may join me here when your time is done
 just give your heart as I did to Christ God's only son

At ten years old I came to know that gift from above
and I knelt down and begged my Lord to bless me with His love
 I know it's hard and there are questions why deep within your soul
 but just remember where I am and the picture I see is whole

Time will pass and it may seem that memories may roam
 but someday soon we will reunite, then I will welcome you home.

                                                                                        J.A. Hawkins   2002