Born to Be

Nineteen sixty four was meant be,
a child came to you and me
This child was Born to Be

In the century of pain and misery
was this child that was born to be
he looked up to he and she,
'cause he knew he was Born to Be

Threw this trial of wait and see,
he knew he was Born to Be
It was a case of destiny
for the DSP to see.

His ways of happy glee,
was obviously sent for you and me

This young man who grew and grew,
had always thought it through.
'Cause of troopers in DSP
he had a clear goal he did see!

He wanted for you and me,
to be free of unpleasantry
he was a man not often sent
but definitely Born to Be................

A "Trooper" for all to see...
Including Cora Lee!

                                                    By Gary Gaulden
                                                                               A long time friend of Ron's